Approval of weed legalization is at an all-time high. Take a look at how getting baked became part of our culture.
The industry sees beverages, delivery services and a lot more female consumers as the future of the marijuana business.
This clothing and lifestyle company has a pretty dank message.
Marijuana is a major cash crop for states where it’s legal.
Oaksterdam University is college for cannabis, and women there have a unique opportunity to grow.
Sustainable cannabis farms are trying to solve the legal marijuana industry’s chronic problem
Forget "paint and sip" and check out this 4/20-friendly alternative.
The "Mary Kay of Mary J" thinks the cannabis industry could be the first one with no glass ceiling.
Tuesday's issue of Variety is called the "Legalization and Entertainment Report." The issue takes a deep dive into how marijuana legalization has influenced the entertainment industry.
How do you think weed has affected pop culture? The concept and inspiration stems from the true root of what PUFFPUFFPASS
HOW MANY TIMES DO COMMUNITIES OF COLOR NEED TO TELL THE PUBLIC THAT BLACKFACE IS WRONG? No matter which way you look at it, cultural appropriation is a sticky issue and when you are encouraging people everywhere to be a "black man for a day"-especially today, on 4/20, you are perpetuating a cycle of hate, criminalization, and overall, IGNORANCE.
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