5 broken cameras

There were about 20 of us, brought together by the Hawaii Coalition for Justice in Palestine (HCJP) to watch 5 Broken Cameras at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM).
Amnesty International allows ordinary people like me to take action on behalf of other ordinary people who are caught up
Like King, leaders of the Palestinian popular resistance -- from intellectuals to grassroots villagers who'd been repeatedly jailed -- spoke to us about universal human rights, about a human family in which all deserve equal rights regardless of religion or nationality.
This week, The Israel Film Center Festival opens in New York City with over a dozen premiere Israeli films. Over the last decade, Israel has become a major international player in the world of film.
Davidi previously joined HuffPost Live to push back against Israel's claims that his movie was an "Israeli film," saying
I know it takes BuzzFeed time to write all the articles about 17 Celebrity Puppies You Didn't Know Are Bisexual. (I'm not judging, I just clicked on that myself.) But it would be great if they could find some time in the day for journalism too.
If Chuck Hagel can allegedly speak plainly about the dystopian future of Israel-Palestine if there is no peace, then every American can do it.
"Sugar Man," a big pre-awards favorite, tells the nearly unbelievable true story of Sixto Rodriguez. The Detroit native left
My film, 5 Broken Cameras -- which chronicles my village Bil'in's nonviolent struggle to resist Israeli occupation -- is about precisely the kind of humiliation my family and I experienced at Los Angeles International Airport.
WATCH: Emad Burnat Speaks Out: "It's Not Normal For A Human To Be Treated Like This" Filmmaker Michael Moore, who came to