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Burgeoning amounts of plastic debris clog waterways, create havoc with marine ecosystems, litter roadsides and beaches. Most of California's watersheds drain into the Pacific Ocean along a thousand miles of coastline - that's a lot of beach.
So, How do we Slay the Beast? Former Pro Surfer James Pribram has devoted himself to stoping the beast Upstream before it
Musician and surfer Jack Johnson may seem laid back, but not when it comes to fighting plastic pollution.
The Plastic Microbead is having its 15 minutes of fame. Though hard to see because it is less than 5mm, the microbead is in the spotlight because it is a surprisingly bad actor. In fact, the microbead should have a Razzie by now.
Given that we produce 300 million tons of plastic every year and the National Academy of Sciences estimates 0.1 percent of it ends up in the ocean, researcher Marcus Erikson says he knows there's more. Way more.
Tiny plastic beads from beauty products are showing up in North America's Great Lakes, and an environmental group is calling upon companies to stop using the plastic particles.
"We won without having to go through a legislative battle, which no one wants to do," Eriksen said. A team of researchers