5-hour energy

It just takes a bit of prioritization and time management.
A politically connected lawyer’s drunk driving conviction is now gone, thanks to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R). “He never
By Patience Haggin In its lawsuit, Oregon said advertising for 5-Hour Energy claimed the drink contained a unique combination
In the name of science (kinda) and the pursuit of ultimate caffeination, we created this handy infographic.
What would an all-nighter be without fuel -- coffee, tea, soda, or otherwise?
The probe comes amid increased scrutiny of the energy drink industry, including rivals such as Monster Energy, Red Bull and
"You start with that premise because it brings more attention to the problem," said Cardenas in the Sun-Times. "It’s a more
Last month, the physically fit man suffered a massive heart attack from a blocked artery, an ailment his cardiologist reportedly
According to records from the Food and Drug Administration, popular energy boosters like Monster and 5-Hour Energy have been
Advertisers frequently trade on the implicit trust we have in medical professionals to sell products for their clients. For example, an advertisement promoting the consumption of 5-Hour Energy has recently been running on television.
On Forbes list of 2012's worldwide billionaires, released Wednesday, Michiganders took only 11 of the record 1,226 spots
Want to own a small business? It's not as romantic as you may think. We deal with a lot of headaches. And boy, do we hear a lot of lies! Don't believe me? Here's just a partial list of 27 people who lied to me this past week alone.