5-hour energy

It just takes a bit of prioritization and time management.
On Friday, critics asserted that Gocha's pardons were the direct result of his political connections. Snyder has issued only
By Patience Haggin A spokeswoman for Rosenblum said other states would file similar suits over the next few days, and still
In the name of science (kinda) and the pursuit of ultimate caffeination, we created this handy infographic.
What would an all-nighter be without fuel -- coffee, tea, soda, or otherwise?
Elaine Lutz, a spokeswoman for Living Essentials, told the NYT that a clarification included on packaging stating that “no
Energy drinks like Gatorade would be exempt from the ban; it's the caffeine-laced boosters, like Monster and Red Bull, that
In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has begun an investigation to determine the cause of 13 deaths that may be at least
Note: This piece has been updated with a response from 5-Hour Energy. Language has also been altered to emphasize that 5