5-second rule

It's all about the kind of food and the kind of floor.
*As long as the food and surface are dry.
When you drop a piece of food on the floor, is it really OK to eat if you pick up within five seconds? This urban food myth contends that if food spends just a few seconds on the floor, dirt and germs won't have much of a chance to contaminate it.
According to The Daily Mail, the study found that foods with higher salt or sugar contents were less likely to pick up harmful
Eat your vegetables, they're good for you. Really? That's the best slogan we could come up with?
I heard it as I pedaled furiously past 28th Street -- a soft thud. Oh no. I looked back -- there was my brownie, on the east side of 5th Avenue, two paces from a parked car.
Did you drop your raw steak on the floor? Haven't we all? Not to worry, there's finally have a complex, detailed guide that
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