5-second rule

It's all about the kind of food and the kind of floor.
When you drop a piece of food on the floor, is it really OK to eat if you pick up within five seconds? This urban food myth contends that if food spends just a few seconds on the floor, dirt and germs won't have much of a chance to contaminate it.
Eat your vegetables, they're good for you. Really? That's the best slogan we could come up with?
I heard it as I pedaled furiously past 28th Street -- a soft thud. Oh no. I looked back -- there was my brownie, on the east side of 5th Avenue, two paces from a parked car.
Did you drop your raw steak on the floor? Haven't we all? Not to worry, there's finally have a complex, detailed guide that
Verdict: FICTION. It's probably not even safe to follow a 1-second rule: The transfer of bacteria from a contaminated surface