50s style

They came to the subculture in a variety of ways, but there's a thread running though all of their stories: they didn't fit into modern-day life, and the past just seemed better.
From the ladylike, full-skirt-and-nipped-waist silhouette that's still going strong, to our continuing fascination with pastels
Though for us it's a bit like imagining what life was like before indoor plumbing, Fashion Week was once a relatively simple affair, free from paparazzi, street style bloggers and the overall chaos of runway presentations.
Here's a hint: Models actually smiled.
Annette, wherever you are, we hope you're swimming around in style. We'll be sure to take a dip in your honor. PHOTO: We
My grandmother's style mimicked the evolution of the times, and even when the height of American casual attire been reached, she kept the sentiment that to be a lady, you had to begin with dressing like one -- not a bad notion to have.
Hint: She's our favorite detective.
Yet another reason to adore her...
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