51st state

The resolution would allow the Sunshine State to split in half, with South Florida containing 24 counties, including Brevard
Granting statehood to Puerto Rico would set back the island's economy, cost American companies billions of dollars and decrease sources of federal revenues.
This is the first time in two decades that statehood bills have been introduced in both the House and the Senate. And with
Colorado Governor Says Secession Attempts Only Make Colorado Stronger
Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway, a vocal supporter of the secession movement, said he would respect the will of the
Putting secession on the ballot in a county is, pretty obviously, nothing more than a political stunt. It brings to mind those who launch efforts to amend the Constitution even though they know they're never going to succeed. I appreciate the value of a good political stunt, though.
States like Vermont, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maine and West Virginia are often cited as successful examples of secession -- all
Witwer said the November ballot question asking voters whether they would like to secede isn't an official action, but more
Some see the plan as a joke or a shallow political move by county commissioners. "It's just going to be seen as a crackpot
The commissioners have proposed that Weld and several other northeastern counties secede from Colorado to form North Colorado
When asked for a show of hands, all residents at the meeting indicated that they think they're getting the short end of the
Visit the Greeley Tribune (Greeley, Colo.) at www.greeleytribune.com In a Democratically dominated state House and Senate
Many thanked Weld commissioners for bringing what they feel is rural disenfranchisement to light, and some said they would
"We basically are going to have to decide at that point, how much bigger we want to get," he said of the July 8 meeting. "We
Young, the only Democrat in the area, said most of the 440 bills passed by the General Assembly this year were bipartisan
"Our very way of life is under attack," Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway said on Thursday, 9News reported. For the secession
That 61 percent wasn’t the majority, however. Over 470,000 voters intentionally left the second question blank, meaning that
Which of these flags would you like to see if Puerto Rico becomes our 51st state? In a two-part referendum that caused some
WASHINGTON -- The District of Columbia's official push to attain full and equal voting rights in Congress has now arrived
It seems the Grand Canyon State has lately become as famous for its extremist politics as for its famous national park. Some Arizona residents say they've had enough, they're ready to leave Arizona. But they're not talking about moving to another state. They want to start a state of their own.