“It was amazing. She’s fine. We’re all fine,” her father said.
Last week, my daughter had her first drop-off playdate. I used to dreamed of the day when I'd be able to run to the grocery store while someone else's mom watched the kids. But walking away from that playdate was a bit of a wake-up call. She's growing up.
People accept an 8-year-old who still acts 6. They are just "young for their age." They will tolerate a 10-year-old who still acts 6 if the parent looks exhausted enough. But a 13-year-old who is still acting like a 6-year-old is a serious social problem. I know, because this child is my son.
Children are not miniature adults. The more we align our expectations with who they are, the less we will add our frustration to the mix.
This time we opted to take on movie posters, an art form that attempts to distill a 2-hour drama, comedy or epic into a composition
Zachary Powers, a 6-year-old from Harverhill, Mass., became a hero after his grandfather, Charles Henderson, collapsed and
Leo Hunter was awarded a 23-story contract with an American company after they read his first tale, Me and My Best Friend