60th anniversary

There are many other attributes that need to be added to the foundation of love for a marriage to be filled with happiness that lasts for as long as the two people live.
A new study by UCLA's Civil Rights Project finds that California leads the nation when it comes to segregation of Black and Latino students. What's more, the researchers indicate segregation has "grown substantially in the past two decades."
The blame for the chronic school re-segregation is the deep persistence of housing discrimination, poverty, and the near universal refusal of federal and state courts to get involved in any more school desegregation cases.
It's been 60 years since the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board Of Education ruling forced classrooms to desegregate. But as integration court orders expire, separate and unequal education is surging back.
This week, our family will be celebrating a remarkable event; my parent's sixtieth wedding anniversary. Only an extraordinary mixture of love, trust, faith, hard work and -- yes -- luck could have made this event possible.
There are many of us not on the royal guest list who'll also want behold the spectacle of this monumental occasion firsthand. Here's how.
Jamal Dajani produces the Mosaic Intelligence Report on Link TV Not far from the celebratory atmosphere, more than twenty