60th birthday

The Material Girl has put her stamp on music, film, style and more throughout her prolific career.
What we all remember, what we all enjoy, are life's messy moments. Stilted perfection might appeal on the glossy magazine page, but would be so cold and impersonal if we were seated in the midst of it.
Great mothering lives in being the biggest fan. It means letting children be who they are instead of trying to change them to be who we want them to be, and it means guiding them gently in the way they should go.
For me the holidays are bittersweet. The incidence of death increases around the holiday season, and although that may seem like an anecdotal myth, statistics have shown this. It was true in my years working as a nurse, and also in my own personal experience.
This August I turn 60 and it's looking sweet. One of my friends, who just entered their sixth decade, tells me it's the first time she's struggling with age; but not me. Ironically the last birthday I fully embraced was 21.
I turned 60 this week. Instead of calling out sick on my 60th birthday and spending the day eating chocolate, this is what I did.
"As part of the party atmosphere -- and as a great way to personalize the party -- we covered the ceilings in huge balloons
I feel so much richer, know so much more and feel connected to several, if not many, more women today than I did before last week when my friend Sam turned 60.
MTV's reality TV show "My Super Sweet 16" gives the world a glance into the lives of privileged teens throwing extravagant