The police department said Colt's generosity "made a stressful situation a little easier."
Think about the places where you spend your time. If you're at the gym when disaster strikes do they have First Aid kits
'7950 Santa Monica Boulevard' 16"x 35" oil on linen over panel If you look at the set of hot dogs in the lower right, the
Watch the raw footage below. As it turns out, the gun wasn't loaded, according to KGO. But police say the clerks were lucky
Here are a few final thoughts I have on why nobody wants to go to Church anymore and what the Church and leaders must do to reverse the decline and maybe even reclaim some of the 35 million Americans who have departed.
Squawk Box got a little bit awkward on Friday as one host made some tasteless comments while discussing India’s currency, the rupee.
But at least there are some prominent voices out there looking debunk the stereotype. Indian-American comedian Aziz Ansari
In a typical franchise relationship, the franchisee pays the company a fee and often a share of profits for the right to
Franchise owners will be "immediately" required to conduct self reviews of employee documents, to ensure they are in compliance