In a statement, the Philadelphia 76ers didn't exactly deny it either.
"I like seeing you happy. When you're happy, I'm happy," he told his three daughters.
Trust the process. Never do anything but trust the process.
Portland Phoenix Philadelphia Miami Heat Toronto maybe? Chicago? Who knows, but the addition of Dragic (50 percent shooter
Challenging the all-time NBA record for losses in a single season isn't the kind of history that teams generally strive to make. However, reaching for the bottom also eliminates the risk of stagnating in basketball purgatory, i.e., reaching the playoffs as a low seed only to be bounced in the first round. The 0-11 Philadelphia 76ers have played so ineptly as a team that we are left to wonder whether if the team isn't tanking on purpose.
Smith finished the game, a 114-104 win for Detroit, with a game-high 22 points, 13 rebounds, seven assists, five blocks and
Instead of using the knife that the reporter gave him after the game, Orlando's Glen Davis carved the turkey on the court
There's a substantial amount of randomness in basketball. The better team doesn't always play better, and the team that plays better doesn't always score more points. It's easy for a bad NBA team to look good for a few games.
Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil was candid and straightforward in a recent radio interview when addressing fans' outrage
Even though Iverson was born in Virginia, he's a native son of Philadelphia and has given hope to troubled individuals that walk a similar path as the star guard.
In the final minute of the third quarter, Harden drove into the paint and drew the attention of three Philadelphia defenders
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The Sixers still have a ways to go if they expect to replicate the success of a bygone era. But the ownership group will continue celebrating the achievements of the club's most accomplished former players.
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Before the 76ers and Celtics took the floor in Philadelphia for Game 6 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series, Allen
That month, Tawanna told TMZ that the pair's split had nothing to do with rumored infidelity on her husband's part, saying