Thank you, Mario! But our song is in another language.
Music has developed a close relationship with technology. The birth of the electronic era has changed how music is heard and experienced. The technological age has made it possible for one person to create powerful music that once required a team. Now, though an unlikely pairing, even video games are joining the music world.
Although one could argue that Nintendo's games provided a portal to those same adult-oriented fantasies (by learning how to hunt ducks, or how to master kung-fu), the delivery method of this wish fulfillment was foreign to parents.
CineFix has morphed a number of our favorite films into 8-bit shorts -- "The Hobbit," "The Big Lebowski" and "Elf" to name
) All it takes is one rational police officer to show that Hyrule, the universe of "The Legend of Zelda," has essentially
We really wish this game were real. It even features a video game version of "You Never Can Tell" while Vincent and Mia do
So, you have this problem. Christmas is hurtling towards you at the speed of light and you really want to ring it in with
I have produced records for 15 years and the one thing that had remained consistent was that I always needed to distort certain elements in my productions. It was my way of finding analog in an overly immerse digital world.
Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) For more info on DesJarlais' report, click over to CREW. Take the following politicians, named
You'll never watch the sci-fi classic "Blade Runner" the same way again after seeing it transformed into an old-school Nintendo
"Memory of a Warp" based on “Souvenir de Voyage (Memory of a Journey)" 1958 "The Chompy Condition" based on “La Condition
It's Rhett versus Link in this week's "Make A Better Commercial Than We Did" Contest video, and it's not all fun and games
Courtesy of What's Trending, YouTube's famous Keyboard Cat pays a chill, musical tribute to Marty the cat -- the inspiration
Like its viral predecessor "Call Me Maybe," we've seen Psy's runaway YouTube hit "Gangnam Style" take on many forms, from
File this under "All Our Favorite Things In One Video": gummy bears, 8-bit games, stop motion and triumph. Basically, this