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Alison Levine is an adventurer, explorer, sportswoman, entrepreneur and mountain climber. She captained the first American Women's Everest Expedition and recently released her book, On the Edge: The Art of High Impact Leadership.
Busy people are focused on their own busy schedules, not the all-encompassing career and life change foremost on a friend or family member's mind. But mentoring does not have to be hand-holding or micro-managing.
When you're making the pitch for flexibility, it's all about reminding your employer -- in a respectful, non-confrontational and collegial way -- that you're too good to lose. Employers know that most women eventually leave when they don't get the flexibility they want or need.
Sallie Krawcheck, a former president of Bank of America Wealth Management and current owner of 85 broads, a global women’s
Sallie Krawcheck, owner of 85 Broads and former president of Bank of America Wealth Management, talks to HuffPost Live about what she aims to do with 85 Broads.
“People say to me, ‘Has being a woman helped or hindered your career?’ And the answer is yes," Krawcheck admitted in a June
I'm sorry to have to say this, but right work doesn't just fall in your lap. The first requirement is that you must be fully aware and conscious of your own talents, abilities, passions and worthiness to recognize (and reach out and grab) right work.
There are incredible things happening in the startup world for women entrepreneurs.
Everywhere I go, I see women's networks. Everywhere I speak, it's in support of female mentoring schemes. Women have quickly figured out the strength and power they have together.
In conversation number two with 10 women who are changing the world and rocking their fields, I bring you Janet Hanson.