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Even though it didn't live up to my very high expectations for all things yoga and 98 Degrees, at the end of the day I still get to say I did hot yoga with 98 Degrees. Hey, that's pretty cool.
Marcie Bianco, an editorial fellow at news site Mic, agreed. "Shakespeare used to write in his plays, if boys had their whiskers
Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block are now making music together. They join HuffPostLive to give fans a preview of their new album and tour, plus take your questions. Record a video to join them on-air!
Jordan Knight and Nick Carter join HuffPost Live to discuss how they thrive.
Nick Carter joins Caitlyn to discuss Joey Fatone's recent comments, and shares his thoughts on a potential NSYNC reunion.
When deep-seated boy band rivalries bubble to the surface, it gets vicious. That came to light earlier this week when Andy
Turns out, Howie Dorough once said, "I was free-balling in the air, it was the greatest thing in the world!" And it was Nick
Highlights include: What to do if you get "smack-dabbed" and how to fold your Joey stand-up in half properly.
Winona Ryder, The Olsen Twins, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Winslet may grace our weekly Best-Dressed lists and Look Of The