90s movies

Twenty years later, a look back at a movie that made it cool to be a weirdo, mister.
As I stare down 40 and gear up for another phase of life, I find myself going back to the things that comforted me when I really was a teenager.
... in "Forces of Nature," 1999 ... in "American Pie," 1999 ... in "Cruel Intentions," 1999 ... in "Fools Rush In," 1997
They look so happy, you almost believe they'll still be friends come Monday. After four years of high school, we've learned
"Air Force One" (1997) Because sometimes people get mad at the president. This weekend will find Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader
A bad nickname can ruin your life. In "Never Been Kissed" Josie Geller goes back to high school as an undercover reporter
"I had NO CHOICE but to put on the finishing touches," he said in a brief note to his followers. A '90s classic has met its
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