90s style

The new "What Fran Wore" Instagram account is just the tip of the nasal, well-dressed iceberg.
I did what any curious twelve year old would do and started reading. I hadn't yet had the proper sex tutorial -- and who better to teach you about the birds and the bees than Madonna and a dominatrix named Dita.
Versace shirts, gold chains and baggy suits, oh my!
Let's take a quick trip down memory lane and make a pit stop in the '90s. Why? Because, beyond some questionable fashion
Consider this your Thursday afternoon pick-me-up. Yesterday, Dior announced Johnny Depp as the new face of a yet-to-be-released fragrance.
1. '80s Brick Phone Cell Phone Case We think the present-day Zack Morris and Gordon Gekko would rock this phone case. It’s
While some things are better left in the past -- here's looking at you, slap bracelets and butterfly clips-- seeing these
THEN: This is one of the only pared-down trends that really made an impact during the decade, which helped Claire Danes ride