911 calls

Ohio police said she repeatedly called emergency dispatchers and became "belligerent.”
A 911 dispatcher in Fort Smith, Arkansas, spent her last day on the job berating a woman stuck in floodwaters.
What one woman described as a growling pig turned out to just be cars driving over a rumble strip on a nearby road.
Listen to the callers explain how the missing 13-year-old was found.
André Kuipers said he forgot to dial 0 when trying to make a long-distance call from the International Space Station.
It was a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding," says Evans after making a sobbing call.
Twitter users accused the woman who made the call of being a "whalist."
The calls include Jennifer Schulte saying her race doesn't matter and a dispatcher questioning her mental health.
“I don't think it should have made it past the hotline," the mother said.