9/11 health

Just two hurdles remain -- how to bring the bill to a vote and how to pay for it.
The comedian and first responders won one more sponsor for the 9/11 bill, but the day took its toll.
Jon Stewart came down to Capitol Hill to persuade lawmakers to create a permanent health care bill to support September 11 first responders. Here's what you didn't see on The Daily Show.
Stewart returns to implore lawmakers to finally pass a permanent law to help 9/11 responders.
"It's ... ironic that we sit here now, a few days after Paris had their 9/11, to take care of the folks who responded to ours," one advocate says.
Ray Pfeifer was having a tough time lobbying Congress for a 9/11 bill because of his cancer. So the widow of another 9/11 responder gave him her late husband's