9/11 health

Just two hurdles remain -- how to bring the bill to a vote and how to pay for it.
The comedian and first responders won one more sponsor for the 9/11 bill, but the day took its toll.
Jon Stewart came down to Capitol Hill to persuade lawmakers to create a permanent health care bill to support September 11 first responders. Here's what you didn't see on The Daily Show.
Stewart returns to implore lawmakers to finally pass a permanent law to help 9/11 responders.
"It's ... ironic that we sit here now, a few days after Paris had their 9/11, to take care of the folks who responded to ours," one advocate says.
Ray Pfeifer was having a tough time lobbying Congress for a 9/11 bill because of his cancer. So the widow of another 9/11 responder gave him her late husband's
Ailing responders will still get care -- until the cash reserves run out.
Retired Neew York City Firefighter Ray Pfeifer has stage 4 cancer, but he calls himself lucky.
The former host of "The Daily Show" will ask lawmakers to extend funding to help 9/11 heroes.
"Let's schedule a call, and let's schedule a ritual shaming around that time," he said. "I obviously at that point will be
As Americans, we seem most highly evolved at thinking of ways to screw each other over. That includes denying the chronically ill volunteers who went down to Ground Zero the day after 9/11 not only compensation for illness, but refusing to acknowledge some were even there.
"It's prorated, based on the amount of claimants and the amount of awards that they're going to get, that we estimate are
LOWER MANHATTAN — Nearly 11 years after 9/11's cloud of toxic dust descended on Lower Manhattan — enveloping several schools
It took ten years to pass a comprehensive 9/11 health bill. Communities that expose themselves to fracking will undoubtedly face even longer waits for care than 9/11 victims did.