The fears articulated by the museum's advisory council are serious. For the institution to continue to ignore its own established mechanism for advice and review is reckless. Fortunately, the Brian Williams scandal offers an elegant way out. As he is removed as the museum's "voice," a new direction of compromise could finally be followed.
Far from easy closure, though, or throngs of rubbernecking tourists, the 9/11 Museum fills visitors with numbed reflection from the moment they walk through its light-filled, glass atrium. The metal detectors you encounter upon entry, with security and police at nearly every turn, have something to do with it.
This week marks the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and a memorial exhibit in New York is featuring two new additions to its collection.
If we only know James Foley as a journalist who was killed by ISIS, does witnessing his death via video make him human to us in a way that he couldn't be otherwise? Does it engender him to his mission of spreading truth?
“We argued from the beginning that this was a flawed legal challenge designed to re-write history and eliminate a powerful
To do so, he tried to clear 9/11 of all "iconic connotations," according to a press release from PPOW Gallery in Manhattan
It remains to be seen if the museum will be moved to make a similar adjustment in the wake of mounting criticism of "The
Not everyone is peeved by it. While anger over the propriety of some of the 9/11-themed kitsch has been targeted at the platter
From the beginning, the Memorial felt far more like a mass-scale production than it did a true effort to commemorate the attacks.
Knowing these students will live their lives fully, seek support when they need it, tap into their own resilience when called to do so, and be the ones to continue to tell our loved one's stories long after we are gone... I am grateful, and I am content.
A reporter was kicked out of the newly opened 9/11 Museum on Wednesday for asking another visitor a question. "I don't believe
The 9/11 Memorial Museum finally opened its doors on May 21, bringing a long-needed physical space to house public reflections of that apocalyptic September morning. It is a milestone that is as important for the nation's collective emotional health as it is for the education of future generations.
In telling our story, our charge was to provide a sense of historical context. This tragedy was not the result of a natural disaster; 9/11 was planned and perpetrated by human beings.
There is a way to talk about 9/11 that accurately reflects the religion of the perpetrators, explains why they attacked, and avoids conflating the religion of Islam with the ideology of al-Qaeda extremism.
A nation's politicians and foreign policy do not define its people; ordinary citizens reacting extraordinarily define its people. My neighbors, friends and thousands of other people like them make America strong, rich and resilient.
These behaviors are not sensible and lead to harm and death like the 9/11 attacks. They lead to discrimination against people
The American Atheists lawsuit against the cross's inclusion is not, as the media will tell you, about atheists being offended
Watch the debate above. Atheists groups have been calling for the exclusion of the object known as the "Ground Zero Cross
NBC New York reports the steel column, which is being installed at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in Manhattan