I am thoroughly convinced that my generation is rightly positioned to make a significant difference for the better within our world. We are a generation proven, tested, and committed to needed change.
International students from Miami Ad School in Brooklyn took to the streets of New York Wednesday to send the message that
On 9/11/01, then-Goldman Sachs career coach Roy Cohen was in the South Tower of the World Trade Center when the plane hit
Christianity and Islam have a long and contentious history with each other, one that literally spans a thousand years and
It is my hope that through this blessing practice we can remind ourselves that this is what it feels like to love. This is what it feels like to know peace.
The Psalms are poems -- and indeed they are exquisite -- but I'm sorry the President wasn't able to keep God out of it. The names of the 3,000 dead would have been sermon and poem enough.
This year, American-Muslims go on the offensive. Terrorists drew first blood a decade ago. A decade later, American Muslims will draw first blood -- their own -- to save innocent life and take back Islam.
I was working as a waitress on the morning of September 11, 2001 at the Pike Restaurant in Spring House, Penn.
Being respectful of other opinions as we pursue our legitimate interests around the world today will increase the peacefulness of the human community our children inherit tomorrow.
Experiences after 9/11 forced me to reflect on my faith. Being born into this faith would not be enough; I would have to believe in it. If I didn't, Islam would be tucked into a corner of my life.