When I hear the word genius, my thoughts turn towards divine gifts bestowed only upon a lucky few; That it was written in the stars for geniuses and us regular folk just weren't destined for such great feats.
Let's be frank. Most of us physicists are not geniuses, though we are often labeled that way. We achieve with hard work, commitment, passion, mentoring, and collaboration.
Ginsburg was a legal visionary born at a time when girls were expected to marry lawyers. Though she was consistently academically excellent, she did not become a feminist until mid-life, defying the early-bloomer narrative. But when she did, she spent a decade deliberately transforming women's status under the law.
Arguably the most difficult part of creating something "genius" is having a genius idea in the first place. Every great novel, hit record, and innovative business model began with an idea. In fact, every single thing you see in this very moment came into being after a person had an idea.
One organization is paying $5,000 for the best suggestion.
There are so many young people who just need a little help and they'll do the rest to build a productive future for themselves and their families. Through my work I've witnessed countless examples of individual transformation ignited by a single opportunity or the guidance of a caring mentor.
Since I was five years old, I spent my childhood in and out of foster homes after my parents developed drug addictions on the south side of Chicago. My world changed when I met my mentor at 17 years old.
Generosity isn't just about money; it comes in all shapes and sizes.
I realized that talent may be spread evenly around the world, but opportunity is not. From this point on, I was insatiable in my quest for answers -- looking for both why poverty exists and how we tackle such an overwhelming challenge.
When you educate a girl, you lift up her whole family and entire community so they can stand on their own. I
We hear about artists who left war torn countries, who left small towns, and even who left other lucrative art careers to pursue life in a new country. Every one of these artists is looking to turn their passion for art into their career.
Then we waited for my mother to pick up her fork, which was our cue to follow suit. This was not just an Emily Post moment; it was the nightly ritual that signified that we were beginning our meal together.
One Christmas morning, when I was a kid, I was given my very own Dr. J autographed basketball. That present changed my life. It inspired me to believe that one day I could be a basketball star.
Countless families who rely on after-school programing agree: the programs fill a much-needed gap between the ringing school bell at 3pm and the time mom and dad head home at 6pm. Sadly, after-school programs aren't available everywhere.
In the isolation unit, parents handle much of the daily care like changing diapers and sheets and administering medications. Since I was on my own, I kept odd hours, sneaking away only when Katelyn slept.
What Ingrid's, Betelihem's, Carlos', Claudia's and Jose's stories show is the transformative impact that sports, arts and service can have on young children's lives. An impact you don't realize is missing until you experience a childhood without them.

The truth is, the very first time I donated to charity, I was forced into it!