"The Late Late Show" host riffed on the job-performance grade the president gave himself in a Fox News interview.
As a corporate trainer and leadership coach, I work with business professionals at all hierarchical levels – helping them
You can even go to Hell, if you're prepared to walk or take a tossing, rolling boat, the second place thus named in Norway
Two weeks ago, a little-known Canadian gold mining company that has developed or operated exactly zero mines over 17 years announced to its investors that it had initiated international arbitration proceedings against the government of Romania for failing to permit what would be the largest open-pit gold and silver mine in Europe.
4) If you're not sure you need it, you don't need it. "Sixty-one?" he marveled. 7) Walk wherever you're going, whenever possible
Conversations can get so heated that on Thursday, we asked the followers of the HuffPost Lifestyle Facebook Page to finish
But I did not regret my experience to be a member of the audience of the citizens of tomorrow. The color is bold and the
Manufacturing the world's longest town name sure put the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales on the map--if there are any maps that actually have room for a 58-letter town.
Of all the things, Theon's tormentor says, the only thing I genuinely believe is this: "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." Honestly, I think the same could be said for this whole series.
In her interview (which you can watch above), Stanger explained that she enjoys "working with pain-in-the-ass, douchey millionaires