Westminster Choir College Serenades Graduate With A Romantic Marriage Proposal
Hands-Only CPR keeps blood pumping through the heart when the heart isn't effectively pumping blood throughout the body and brain on its own. It can help revived the heart and lungs and potentially prevent severe brain damage or death.
Nick Jonas is so hot right now. As a soon-to-be 29 year old, trust me when I say that this was a little hard to accept. With "Jealous," Nick shed his boy band image and took on a whole new persona of maturity, soul, and some downright sexiness.
It is worth noting the extreme musical/cultural differences of these performances. One is purely monodic (once the PA blows
Street Corner Renaissance (SCR) is a five man a Capella group from Los Angeles who won season 4 of NBC's "The Sing Off."
Excuse us while we go and furiously practice our patty-cake game. At the 1:22 mark, the singers' game becomes even more remarkable
You wouldn't think that contemporary dance music would work well with only voices, but, in this case, it does. In this video
"Nick and I have been trying to figure out a song to do for over 12 months -- nothing felt right until I came up with the
If you've ever been drunk, or know someone who has, you'll be able to relate to Zoe Anne's hilariously accurate "The Drunk
If you can't get the "Frozen" soundtrack out of your head and you're looking forward to Passover, then we have a kosher treat
Fact #1: Cross-cultural experiences and random connections are two things that happen all over the place in D.C. Fact #2: Nothing has the power to bring people together like music.
Taking the concept to the next stage literally, Drexler applies the technology to a live audience setting, picking audience members to come on stage and choose the parts of the songs, which he then has to sing in real time.