a clockwork orange

"Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble" sang the witches of Macbeth, but what is the mantra of the
Snuggling on the sofa with my eight-year daughter one evening, a commercial for the nightly news hinted of a sensational story about the 2016 political candidates. My daughter looked at me, with sadness in her eyes, "Mommy, I don't want Trump to be president." "Why is that, baby?" I ask. "Because half of my friends would disappear from school!"
I've deluded myself that there was a line that couldn't be crossed, and that Donald Trump, the most odious specimen of humanity I have ever experienced in American public life -- not that he hasn't had plenty of competition -- was on the other side of that line. As the results from New Hampshire clearly prove, I've been an idiot.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — British character actor Aubrey Morris who is best known for his role as Mr. Deltoid in "A Clockwork Orange
"Fury Road" is less a sequel than a reimagining of this post-apocalyptic mythology.
One of the wildest black comedies ever made, 1964's Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb still stands today for its daring send-up of military and governmental leaders who take American us into nuclear war.
You need to know about The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, and the award it annually bestows upon those deemed the best at doing all that, and more: The Saturn.
Film montages are de rigueur for the viral Internet rounds, but they aren't usually this fun. A new video, part of a project
Trust me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The book's title refers to a harvest that occurs once every ten years when the Rephaim
The Purge is a high-concept blunt instrument of a thriller, a movie that offers a straightforward set-up and few subsequent surprises. It does exactly what you expect and doesn't really go anywhere you don't assume it will.
Practically omnipresent and infinitely versatile, Malcolm McDowell has played, among others, a rebellious private school student, a futuristic sociopath, a degenerate emperor, Michael Myer's nemesis, and the killer of Captain Kirk.
Rapper Vulkan the Krusader has assembled a new album entitled V which he says is inspired by his fascination with films , comic books , and a nineteenth century French painting.
It was late and chilly on Wardour Street, a good three miles to the flat I was renting in St. John's Wood, yet I desperately needed that walk to get a grasp on the emotions churned up by the film I had just screened.
Art.Music. is the last of the Hammer's music residency wild Up. For this final concert, the orchestra examines the intersection of visual art and music by exploring the museum's collections and creating new site-specific work.
"A Clockwork Orange" is a unique novel that, thanks to Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film, has become a fundamental cultural touchstone
If Kubrick is a "legendary filmmaker," what exactly is his legend? Glad you asked.
With that said, I am inspired to try the topper. Here, seven chic bowler hats that are miles away from "A Clockwork Orange
Anthony Burgess' warning about the dangers of intervention holds an important lesson: There are unintended consequences.