a dog's purpose

The thriller is proving to be quite a success for M. Night Shyamalan.
PETA called for a boycott of the film after leaked footage called into question the treatment of animals on set.
The unabashed tearjerker wasn't going to win over everyone — even before a shocking leaked video surfaced.
Have you ever had to put a dog to sleep? A cat? A pet? Then A Dog's Purpose is for you. And a box of Kleenex. A dog's love
When I first met author W. Bruce Cameron, I spit goat cheese all over him. Now, in case, you weren't 100% sure, this is not something people generally do in fashionable social circles, at least in our country, and certainly not when they're trying to make a good impression on a famous writer.
My dear friend David Carriere, long time book publicist and author, was intuitive enough to introduce me to a most dynamic creative pack, and one that I would quickly come to revere - and when I say revere, well, I really mean worship.
If you've heard of Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer -- let's face it, who hasn't -- you'll know that a dog needs a job in life, if he or she is not to become neurotic and anxious.