a nightmare on elm street

It highlighted for me how we can all make buffoons of ourselves in the face of diversity.
There's much more to Wes Craven's legacy than a single movie villain. We explore Craven's massive impact on the film industry in what will be remembered as one of the most celebrated and impactful careers from a screenwriter, producer, and director.
It’s hard to argue in favor of the CG. Watch this trailer: The scary visual is one of the best tools to utilize in horror
To film enthusiasts and horror fans, Wes Craven was one of these rare individuals. An artist whose work not only impacted the genre, but also changed the whole conversation.
The "Scream" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" auteur redefined the slasher genre.
"Flat-out: we are living in horror times. So smart, fearless, honest horror is uniquely suited to addressing the damage of this world gone mad."
At the recruiting office, they give him a brochure for the Seals... and we soon see Chris in basic training. "We're looking for warriors, not quitters." Training is brutal but Chris makes it to sniper school, where his "hell of a gift" sets him apart.
Christopher Nolan wrote and directed Inception, an action-packed, but rather depressing, science fiction story about corporate espionage via lucid dreaming. Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard star as a couple who fall too deeply into the dream world.
Thirty years ago! Scary! Yet inspiring. (Certainly most millennials I encounter are ripping off that era as fast as their iPad-laden hands can grab.) For your pleasure and edification, I was there (and then), and I reflect.
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There's really no comparing the latest rendition of A Nightmare on Elm Street to Wes Craven's now-iconic 1984 slasher film. The original is far better and mind you, I say this having never actually seen the original.
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