a walk to remember

Actor and singer Mandy Moore just surprised fans with her first song in a decade.
The actress was asked to identify lines from "A Walk to Remember" and "This Is Us" on "The Tonight Show."
Micah is my son and always will be. I will never "move on." I love Micah just as much as I love Zachary. Micah is gone from our arms, but not from our family.
Wavy Highlights It seems like it was only yesterday that we we're jamming to one of our favorite songs, "Candy" by the one
"About Time" may have looked like a simple rom-com about time travel. It was not, however, and something we realized after weeping through the poetic beauty of the film's father-son love story. The film got us thinking: What other movies have held the emotive power to make us tear up?
"The Land Before Time" As a child, my cinematic intake revolved almost entirely around "The Land Before Time" series. While
We wish we looked this chic grabbing coffee.