aaron persky

Aaron Persky, the judge who infamously sentenced Turner to six months for sexual assault, recently lost his new job at Lynbrook High in California.
The school was apparently unaware of the former judge’s involvement in the controversial sexual assault case.
Former judge Aaron Persky now coaches girls junior varsity tennis at a high school in California, and many parents are not happy about it.
Chanel Miller's victim impact statement went viral when Turner was sentenced to only six months in jail.
The school has been in the spotlight since the 2016 Brock Turner rape case.
Judge Aaron Persky, who gave Brock Turner only six months in jail on three felony sexual assault charges, has been recalled and removed from his seat.
Persky will be removed from the bench four years before his term was set to end.
The lenient sentence shows no "clear and convincing evidence of bias," a judicial panel said.
Maria Ruiz, an Activist who resides in Miami FL was outraged much like countless others, when Emily Doe detailed her experience in a California hospital after being sexually assaulted by former Stanford college student Brock Turner. Instead of just being angry she did something about it. She created a petition to impeach Judge Aaron Persky.
Judge Aaron Persky says that he's known for "being fair to both sides."
After this week's fundraiser in Brooklyn, Grlcvlt is lining up more celebrities for events to support Judge Aaron Persky’s removal.
Under Judge Persky, a white guy got 6 months for rape, while a Latino immigrant got 3 years.
Our nation's culture of mass incarceration has warped our view on punishing crime, they argue.
As a two-time Olympic swimmer, a three-time NCAA national team champion, and a survivor of coach-athlete sexual abuse, I have fought both publicly and behind the scenes to address sexual abuse in sport through Safe4Athletes. While I knew my sport had monsters, I was naive to think that they were mostly on the pool deck.
If you were angered by the Brock Turner case, by how his father dismissed his actions, then I encourage you to hold on to that anger. Think about the anger you felt over Brock Turner if someone you know is accused of rape.