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Officials at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology did not target the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz, but they failed to show leadership in a case that has raised questions about open access to online information and computer abuse laws, according to the findings of an internal investigation released Tuesday.
The university’s silence in the case angered many of Swartz's supporters. In March, MIT officials said they had faced "a
MIT professor Hal Abelson said he plans to give a report on his investigation into MIT and Swartz to the university's president
MIT has also promised to investigate its own role in the case against Swartz. University employees captured network traffic
Swartz, 26, who committed suicide in January in his Brooklyn home, was to be tried in April for allegedly stealing millions
Heymann referred questions about the evidence handoff to a spokesperson, who referred the question to the main DOJ office
In the fall of 2010, Swartz downloaded millions of academic journal articles from the online database JSTOR. He had legal
Aaron Swartz is someone who is renowned for acts of altruistic and brilliant creation. More in his short life than most of us will manage. He helped build the commons that enables you to read this. I say this not only in sad farewell but because it's relevant to the discussion that follows.
In the end, the single most significant check on a prosecutor's discretion is not the judicial courts, nor the court of public opinion. The only realistic check lies in the integrity and professionalism of prosecutors.