aaron swartz suicide

The case, believed to be the first corporate espionage case involving two professional sports teams, sparked rounds of social
"Certainly there were many factors, but this two-year legal nightmare that he went through -- you can't ignore that," he
In a clip provided to The Huffington Post from the upcoming documentary, "The Internet’s Own Boy," Swartz reflects on the
Lessig's walk begins Saturday. He is trying to build a coalition called New Hampshire Rebellion to fight the corrupting influence
Chomsky's comments Friday come a day before the first anniversary of Swartz's death. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"We regret that the information your Department has provided to date has not been satisfactory -- among other things, it
Using the Freedom of Information Act, Wired's Kevin Poulsen compelled the U.S. Secret Service to release the video and other
Swartz committed suicide earlier this year as he was fighting federal computer crimes charges for downloading thousands of
Swartz's estate asked for the documents to be released to shed light on what they have termed an overzealous prosecution
MIT was at the center of the criminal case against Swartz, who had campaigned against Internet censorship. He was charged