Ab Fab

Sweetie, darling! Sweetie, darling! Saunders also revealed that her procrastination is one of the reasons the film has taken
A poster for an "Ab Fab" movie appeared online last week: Whether the rumors are real or not remains a mystery, but there's
OK, so maybe my ideas aren't that much better than what Saunders came up with. Fine, I guess I can be patient and wait to see it. The sneak peek does look pretty darn amusing.
Not into football, huh? Or maybe you're already anticipating needing a distraction after Sunday's big game? Either way, we've
In the newest special, titled “Job,” Edina (Saunders) takes on a celebrity client who wants to sing. When Edina discovers
The "Absolutely Fabulous 20th Anniversary Special" premieres Sun., Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. EST on BBC America and Logo. But in
“I’m aiming to shoot this in a beautiful part of the Riviera. I fancy the south of France in the spring,” Saunders told New
"Absolutely Fabulous" is heading back to the small screen to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Jennifer Saunders (Edina) and
Paris Fashion Week has come and gone. So what is the future of fashion? You'll be surprised by the answer.