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Instead of holding a regular plank for minutes on end with crappy form try an RKC. If you're not humbled, then you're probably
These quick routines will help whittle your middle.
Six-pack dreams are all well and good, but getting a more streamlined midsection shouldn't stop there. According to Daily Burn 365 trainer Dara Theodore, the obliques are basically the secret sauce to maintaining strength, mobility and stability in your core.
This beginner-friendly yoga sequence is all about strengthening the core muscles. Jai Sugrim, a yoga teacher based in New York City, instructs two students of varying levels in how to approach this sequence with proper alignment, so as to maximize results.
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You roll out your mat. You grab your weights. You put on a workout video and start to exercise. But before you can even break a sweat, your kids are ALL over you.
This yoga sequence from LA-based instructor Caley Alyssa works the muscles in your hips, abdomen and lower back as you train
When we focus our attention on the science, this convenient way of thinking is not so convincing. The idea that we can pick
Up Down Plank This variation combines the forearm plank and the full plank. Starting with the right arm, "walk" from your
The same exercises that deliver firm, flat abs to my postnatal clients have also worked wonders to help my male clients -- including athletes and body builders -- to repair separated abs for tighter six-packs and narrower waists.
When performed properly, most compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and rows require your core to engage, so it's
The official beginning of summer means one terrifying thing: It's bathing suit season. It can be enough to strike fear into
1. The Routine That Makes You Appreciate Your Favorite Sitcom Even More Look away from Mad Men for one minute and you'll
How It Works: Do 1 set of the prescribed number of reps for each exercise, moving from one to the next with little to no
This guy may be trying to do crunches, but what he ends up doing is much more impressive. Check out the video above to see
Then do one leg at a time, 30 seconds each, for a total minute and a half of ab presses. Keep your face relaxed and your