abandoned buildings

A sprawling installation in New York imagines a second life for houses that were once full of people.
Artist Melissa McGill was interested in the gossip surrounding Pollepel island, but also the many details that myth left out.
When the medals have all been won and the people leave, aging Olympics villages become otherworldly.
Some associations struggle to see why this part of the Parisian Heritage should be preserved and there are various projects
Camilo José Vergara has spent nearly 40 years obsessively documenting poor, segregated neighborhoods, from the Bronx to Gary, Indiana.
Artists inspired by the city’s ruins walk a fine line between preservation and exploitation.
The EPA refers to it as the most toxic place in America, but it's better known as Picher, Oklahoma. The apocalyptic theatrical landscape serves as a rather cryptic backdrop to this once thriving American city, a constant reminder of what happens when mankind doesn't respect nature and the environment.
Isabel Ivanescu knows there are thousands of vacant homes in the city, and too many people living on the street.
No elegiac words for the people there, just a brief thank-you and sign off. I remember wondering whether anybody won that
The struggles in Flint, Michigan, go far beyond the water crisis.