abandoned detroit

The project will offer affordable housing to people in need -- and could also help bring back a struggling Detroit neighborhood.
Artists inspired by the city’s ruins walk a fine line between preservation and exploitation.
“It was a pretty joyful thing, as these trucks kept pulling up," she said. Photo by Heather Saunders Photography. Waud will
Photo of the Flower House by Heather Saunders. The specifics of the installation still need to be nailed down, but Waud can
16170 Washburn is included in the blight bundle. Courtesy Motor City Mapping. Strather and his partners have more requirements
According to the Detroit News, the victim is believed to a homeless man in his 50s. A spokeswoman for the medical examiner's
Medical examiners are working to identify a body found near an abandoned zoo in Michigan.
Getty Images "The train station is our Coliseum. It's one of the most spectacular ruins in the world," he added. "No one
GIFSoup GIFSoup "Tracing Skylines," a movie by Poor Boyz Productions and Red Bull Media House, features skiers taking on
For more on Yves Marchand's and Romain Meffre's work, visit their website. Read more on www.weather.com
Flickr photo by t-dawg. Though the park hasn't seen an official visitor in a decade, explorers still visit. According to
GooBing Detroit is the brainchild of Alex Alsup, who works for Loveland Technologies, a Detroit-based developer of crowdfunding
Story courtesy of City's Best. But I guess you can decide for yourself. So here are a few examples from photographers around