Abbie Hoffman

Aaron Sorkin's upcoming Netflix movie about fighting for justice in the late 1960s is more relevant than ever.
I wish the late Abbie Hoffman was around to answer that question; after all, it was the same Yiddish epithet he hurled at
Newt Gingrich's supposed smartness is rather indiscriminate, when examined closely. Newt has what he considers 10 or 12 brilliant ideas each day, which he is in the habit of just tossing out for discussion.
In 1968 our country was in turmoil. And it was the year I grew a social conscience, thanks largely to my 25-year-old English teacher, Mr. Goggin. Mr. G. taught us there actually was a whole world outside of our little Newton, Mass. universe.
---Charles Lyonhart, Phoenicia, NY Later, at the festival Directors' Party, we found a quiet room where we could talk. The
Like the rest of Danny Schecter's admirers, I was shocked and saddened to hear he died. It seems that my whole relationship with this mighty thinker was about unfinished business.
There is another aspect to the origin story of contemporary mass surveillance in the US: Resistance. While most "phone phreaks" and telephone enthusiasts were unaware of AT&T's Top Secret Project Greenstar, there was enough general contempt for the phone company's monopoly to trigger a viable resistance movement that had been percolating within the 1960s counterculture.
When Diane Keaton recently sang the praises of Woody Allen and referred to all the actresses whom he wrote great roles for
Yes, we have Evolver Learning Lab, which are live interactive video courses with some of the most exciting thought leaders
Thomas infuses his passion for the music, poetry, and recorded rhetoric with a weighty reverence for the events and attitudes that shaped a generation. His mission started out quite innocently.
In a sense, however, the waiting in line is the true theatrical event.
Many artists dream of having their artworks truly speak to their viewers. Yet it seems artist Adam Simon wishes his works
When you leave for college, you think, "How many shots of vodka would I need to make that fat chick look smaller?" When you write your first mortgage check, you think, "How many shots of vodka would I need to make that fat check look smaller?"
Geez, Footloose sucked when it was a Kevin Bacon movie in 1984. Who thought remaking it, almost scene for scene and song for song, would improve it?
Abbie Hoffman's merry band of pranksters took a tour of the NYSE on August 24, 1967. The tour ended at a gallery overlooking the trading floor. Hoffman and his friends rushed to the railing, and began throwing money onto the heads of the traders below.
It's hard to believe that that man will turn 80 next year. He's also writing lots of magazine articles, updating his website
He levitated the Pentagon, brought down Lyndon B. Johnson, shamed Richard Nixon, challenged Wall Street and pioneered a cultural revolution. So what would Abbie Hoffman do about the Kochs.
James O'Keefe, the man who slew ACORN and on Wednesday toppled the CEO of NPR, is some new kind of journalist - Johnny Knoxville
Kennedy's assassination, the ongoing turmoil of resistance to integration and the escalation of the Vietnam War gave the singers a new identity. At the center of the storm was Phil Ochs.