Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi

The vice president stops in Cairo this week. Advocates for two detainees have reached out to the National Security Council 11 times this year without a response.
No group has claimed responsibility, but officials said gunmen brandished an Islamic State flag.
While the violent authoritarianism of Egypt's president has complicated relations with Western allies, President Trump has developed a close bond with him.
The latest installment in Egypt’s long-running judicial harassment of civil society is due on Wednesday. Mohamed Zaree, Egypt
Trump boasted of his role in the release of another U.S. prisoner in Egypt. He'll meet the Egyptian president again on Sunday.
The pope’s problem in Egypt is maneuvering between problematic partners.
Trump had privately asked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to help out in the case when Sisi visited the White House on April 3.
Two Coptic Churches were attacked today. When will we admit that the global “war on terror” has failed?
At least seven Americans are in Egypt's crowded jails, where torture and rights violations are rampant.
"We are very much behind President Sisi," Trump said.
This article was co-written with Hisham Fahmy, CEO, AmCham Egypt Inc., Washington D.C. Next Monday, President Trump will