Abe lincoln

That the entire presidential electoral process has been turned into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise where 'entertainment' trumps substance turns my stomach. That said, this election appears also to represent an important turning point.
"The party of Lincoln" is probably the Democrats.
Soon after graduating from law school, James Grippando worked on a number of appeals in death penalty cases, an experience that later served him in writing his first published novel, The Pardon.
To a tsunami of Lincoln lit, please add Todd Brewster's detailed reporting, Lincoln's Gamble: The Tumultuous Six Months that Gave America the Emancipation Proclamation and Changed the Course of the Civil War. This is a seven-hour-and-14-minute audiobook about one president's extraordinary executive action.
We look forward to this annual event for a number of reasons, among them: the unpretentious spirit of community creativity
"He was inordinately fond of jokes, anecdotes, and stories," Villard continued. "He loved to hear them, and still more to
Obama's letter is 272 words long -- the same length as the Gettysburg Address. In the letter, which was published on the
Unfortunately, that explanation probably won't stop these people from freaking out on Twitter: The university explains that
We love Illinois and its many quirks. And sometimes you have to have a little fun with all of this.We've compiled 12 sure-ways to tell that you're an Illinoisan.
While trying to distinguish them in the right half of Gardner’s first stereo plate, he zoomed in and spotted, in a gray blur