abigail fisher

Twitter users are also calling the case's plaintiff "Becky with the bad grades."
A divided court found that UT Austin's consideration of race in college admissions is constitutional.
The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the program benefits the women who fought against it most of all.
As a senior in college, I can't say I'm the most qualified person to make a decision on whether race should play a factor in college admissions. However, based on my research and class discussions this semester, it is evident something needs to be changed throughout the country and more specifically here at the University of Delaware.
The successful minority students I know chose these elite universities because of the challenging and demanding curriculum they knew they could handle. So, no Justice Scalia, we weren't meeting some quota. We belonged there.
Now millions of Black girls AND women will see this story in a whole new way and more importantly, they will see themselves in the smartest, kindest, most useful character in the entire Harry Potter series. Eventually, Black girls will start to see themselves as limitless. What could possibly be wrong with that?
Meet Abigail Fisher, the onetime University of Texas applicant who took her case to the Supreme Court.
African American students want to decide for themselves whether to attend that school if they are fortunate enough to be admitted. Expert research has long discredited the exclusionary idea driving Justice Scalia's comments. Over the past several days, much of the nation has rejected the idea as well.
There's always been this rhetoric that people of color who are accepted into these schools are accepted because of their skin color due to Affirmative Action.
Champions of the colorblind mythology dangerously misuse Dr. King's axiom that we should judge people by content of their character, not color of their skin, to hold that if we simply ignore race in the application process, racism will dissipate. The problem with such conceptions is that, followed to their logical roots, they are incredibly flawed.