"Let me make one thing clear: I never want to promote derogatory language," the "Grrrls" singer said.
More than a dozen doctors with disabilities say discrimination, lack of support and “grind culture” make it nearly impossible to thrive in their chosen careers.
"On our virtual platform, no one knew right off the bat that I was disabled. It was up to me to tell them."
The singer says ableism wasn't at the heart of her decision to cast a longtime collaborator, who is not autistic, as the autistic teen at the center of “Music."
Stop using disability as a negative metaphor at work (and everywhere else).
"My work of challenging my students' internalized ableism has allowed me to gradually accept my own disability."
The disability community and advocates say the talented musician, who's blind and autistic, is being turned into inspiration porn.
It’s time we go beyond disability representation and move toward a truly inclusive and equitable society where disability is celebrated.
Hollywood can be an "ableist dumpster fire," says activist Alice Wong.
This gay man has cerebral palsy and is fighting for visibility within the LGBTQ community.