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The Hon. Abner J. Mikva grew up in Milwaukee during the Depression. After serving as a navigator in World War II, he attended college and then entered the University of Chicago as a law student in 1948.
"Like so many admirers, I’ve lost a mentor and a friend," President Barack Obama said.
If President Obama is as frustrated and angry as he appeared to be at his recent news conference about the inability of Congress to do something about gun violence in the wake of another mass shooting, Bishop Douglas Miles has similar feelings about the President's lack of leadership.
The Kagan hearings, or any Supreme Court hearings for that matter, are part of the war to win over the hearts and minds of America, to determine what kind of country we want this to become.
For many fields of endeavor, we're making decisions about people based on the choices they made between their junior year of high school and their junior year of college.
"It isn't easy to get an 83-year-old excited about a campaign," Mikva said in a video released by the Hoffman campaign. "But
It turns out that a big endorsement by former congressman and appellate court justice Abner Mikva for Congress in the north
No one in the race has the resume, experience or heft required of a U.S. Senator. In fact, the bench in Illinois is pretty weak right now, among both Democrats and Republicans.
If Illinoisans want to put a stop to the culture of corruption, as they claim in poll after poll that they do, then they have to do something about it. It's not all up to Patrick Fitzgerald.
The chairman of the state panel investigating admissions abuses at the University of Illinois stepped up his war of words
Read Schock's entire statement here. CHICAGO (AP) -- The former dean of the University of Illinois College of Law testified
The full release: Tom Geoghegan unveiled a slew of endorsements Monday in the tight race to succeed Rahm Emanuel in Congress
WASHINGTON--Abner Mikva, the gold standard for integrity in Illinois politics, told me Thursday night he is not interested
The 82-year old Mikva is beyond reproach -- perhaps the only man alive in Illinois who could be appointed tomorrow without tarnish.
Let's hope the real victor in 2008 is the Jewish community -- as it finally excises the politics of fears and smears and forces candidates to debate the issues on the merits.
A close examination of virtually any administration will uncover a tangled skein of personal, political, and professional connections, often reaching back decades.
Obama's supporters fall into three categories: blacks, youth and the ABCs -- Democrats who are for Anybody But Clinton.