Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom say they've collected nearly double the required signatures.
Some 6.7 million Black women between ages 15-49 live in states where abortion access restrictions could be in place.
"We will wait until you are grown to tell you how fortunate we were to live where we did, because if we hadn’t, we might not have had you."
Even two-thirds of moderate and liberal Republicans support abortion access in all or most cases.
“I continue to believe this case was wrongly decided, and there are issues that merit additional judicial review,” the state's attorney general said.
The figure is surprising, given that Donald Trump has repeatedly taken credit for repealing federal abortion protections.
What does the independent candidate for president think about abortion? Even he's not sure.
The Alabama Republican, who was mocked in March for her State of the Union rebuttal, dropped a new video that's been called "super cringe."
Crisis pregnancy centers are peddling a dangerous, unsafe "reversal" procedure, state Attorney General Letitia James said.
In a bizarre interview, the Republican presidential hopeful also said that “every" legal scholar "all over the world” supported overturning Roe v. Wade.