But Dr. Caitlin Bernard reportedly dodged more severe penalties.
The law, signed this week by Gov. Henry McMaster, bans most abortions around six weeks of pregnancy.
Indiana’s Republican attorney general accused Dr. Caitlin Bernard of violating state law by not reporting the girl’s child abuse to Indiana authorities.
The fetus was found buried in a field north of Norfolk. Prosecutors are moving forward with a criminal case accusing the teen mother of illegally helping with the abortion.
The bill passed both legislative chambers and is heading to the governor's desk, where it is expected to be signed into law.
Planned Parenthood is shifting funding to its state affiliates and cutting national office staff.
This marks “the most significant win for social conservatives in a generation," Republican Gov. Jim Pillen said.
"He’s really putting our national security at risk for his personal social agenda," Sen. Tammy Duckworth said of her colleague.
"These laws are not real. You are what’s real and you deserve to be protected," Lizzo said as she spoke to fans about the bill in Omaha on Friday.
"It’s amazing how they’ve ignored the will of the people here," North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said after Republicans overrode his veto of the ban.