abortion rate

It dipped only slightly in poorer developing nations.
The paper reports that in 2012, there were an estimated 18,360 pregnancies in Detroit and 5,693 ended in abortion, a rate
When I began work on my book, I spoke with women like me who had had no access to safe and legal abortion. Our stories are of trips in strange cars, blindfolded and defenseless, to kitchen-table abortions performed by untrained criminals. But soon I began hearing equally distressing stories from young women today.
The U.S. abortion rate dropped significantly from 2008 to 2011 and hit its lowest point since 1973.
State legislatures enacted a record number of anti-abortion laws in 2011, including mandatory waiting periods, mandatory
By Alex Dobuzinskis Another reason for the decrease in pregnancies among younger women is more effective birth control methods
On the issue of abortion, I'm ever on the fence, or, at most, an inch or two to either side. My most firmly held value is what Albert Schweitzer termed "reverence for life." However, I am also a woman.
I have written about the importance of social and economic support for women and vulnerable families as effective solutions