The widely used abortion pill is still available as usual while the suit plays out.
An election that made it easier for abortion rights advocates to seek statewide protection has implications well beyond the Buckeye State.
The ruling is the first to undercut Texas’ law since it took effect in 2022 and delivers a major victory to abortion rights supporters.
Meanwhile, an expert witness for the state suggested in court that holding a dead infant can “improve the grief” process.
The former White House press secretary is calling out the Texas Republican for his weird attempts to cancel “Barbie” over so-called communist propaganda.
From something so terrible, so unthinkable, came a full-blown resistance that centered abortion rights in the national conversation like never before.
In Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi, Democratic candidates for governor are approaching abortion policy with extreme caution.
Julie Rikelman, who represented an abortion clinic in the landmark Supreme Court case that gutted Roe v. Wade, will now serve on a U.S. appeals court.
A bid to reinstate Iowa’s strict ban on most abortions has failed in the state Supreme Court, which sided against Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds.
“The mention of abortion advocacy is the issue here,” a Twitter employee told North Carolina candidate Rachel Hunt, according to emails HuffPost reviewed.