abraham Lincoln

The late-night host can’t get over the former president’s bizarre new rambling.
Romney fired back at the far-right lawmaker's call for a "national divorce."
As confederate statues are torn down throughout the South, conservatives often hail General Robert E. Lee as one of history’s greats. They claim he hated slavery and worked to heal America after the Civil War. But the General Lee myth couldn’t be further from the truth.
The former political candidate wanted to make a point about national unity, but was promptly schooled in U.S. history on Twitter.
The former New York mayor posted a video using a silly filter as a political attack.
The Trump sidekick recorded a political attack ad while using an "Abe Lincoln" filter and it was as weird as it sounds.
“Donald Trump has made a lot of stupid legal arguments over the years," said ex-acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal.
Biden sarcastically called Trump "Abraham Lincoln here." The president didn't get it and straightened him out at the presidential debate.
The president, asked about the failure to charge cops in Taylor's killing, compared himself to Abraham Lincoln in serving the Black community.