In relation to writing poetry, I've lately been thinking about how I want to widen the gap between describing something with accuracy and interpreting "what it means," perhaps leave that part to the reader altogether.
Now, I am not too much of a sci-fi geek. I don't speak Klingon, never watched Battlestar Galactica in any of its iterations, and by the third Alien movie I started rooting for the slobbery beast with too sets of teeth: anything to get Sigourney Weaver to stop scowling. Star Wars is different.
Teenagers may know Aldous Huxley as the author of "Brave New World" (assigned in tandem with "1984" in a unit on political
Kitson, a group of boutiques based in Los Angeles, is the kind of store that appears regularly in the tabloids for both its
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Is the absence of a trend a trend?   Monthly 06/09 -- 59.8 / 33.6 / 6.6 08/09 -- 52.8 / 40.8 / 6.4 We'll dig into these numbers