absent fathers

I believe it's time to reconsider what it means to be a father in America. Sure, we could look for guidance to the pre-smartphone era. But many 80s and 90s fathers spent far too much time in front of the TV at the expense of their children. Instead, a model that embodies what children need is the nineteenth-century American frontier father.
Here are four reasons my six-figure job led to my unhappy life, and a mindset change that will help you avoid making these same mistakes.
I want you to see me as a human being. Not as a check written in the amount of 35 dollars a week. See daddies are supposed to be like a hero but heroes should never replace your dad.
Chon, the middle son, begins by explaining to John how his constant lies affected the family. "When you told us you had a
If only it had lasted. If only I could have seen what was going on, if only you had been brave enough and kind enough to have talked to me about what you were feeling. What you were missing. What you were wanting.
Jeff Zelaya, Jeff Allanach and Mark Anthony Neal join Mark to discuss the lasting effects of growing up fatherless.
Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is encouraging men to be active fathers in their children's lives. “I started
Without your definition of your true self, you give up control and allow others to dictate or influence your attitude and
Traditionally, fathers seem to have two distinct roles: disciplinarians and providers. "The role of a father is to establish
"I didn't have a father," he replies. "And that made you feel what?" Iyanla asks. As tears roll down the boy's face, Iyanla
Imagine a world where deadbeat dads are replaced by life-enhancing dads; where absent dads are replaced by fully-engaged dads and where fathers are no longer the source of deep wounds, but the source of strength, affirmation, love and hope.
It's one thing to be a single mother by choice. It arrives with a positive narrative to tell your child. It's a whole other everything to have single motherhood thrust upon you -- because the father has unconscionably chosen to abandon his child.
Whether biological, step or adoptive, the influence of a father figure in a child's economic life is wide reaching and long lasting. Even the absence of a father figure has a lifelong effect on a child.
New research out of the UK's University of Bristol indicates that girls whose fathers were absent during their early childhood
Good fathers, Roland says, do three things: provide, nurture and guide. Yet, too many men have warped ideas of what this
My academic challenges morphed into discipline challenges; the first time I felt handcuffs on my wrists I was 11 years old