Absentee ballot

A parade of lawsuits aims to knock down barriers to mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic.
The president said foreign countries are printing phony ballots, but election officials say it would be virtually impossible for such ballots to go undetected.
Tuesday’s chaos would be catastrophic if it recurs in November.
She argued that if you'd wait an hour to buy a cupcake, you ought to be able to wait that long to vote. Yet in 2018, she ditched the line and voted by mail.
Trump on Sunday called mail-in voting a "Scam!" — even though he personally took advantage of such voting himself.
The president repeated his baseless conspiracy theory that voting by mail leads to election fraud.
The president's tweets show that he sees voter suppression as a vital tool in his reelection campaign.
These Missouri rabbis are using the Republican-held state's religious liberty laws to push for wider access to absentee ballots during the coronavirus pandemic.
A surge in voting by mail and the Republican Party's lies about voter fraud combine to make traditional election night coverage irresponsible.
If there is still a coronavirus pandemic in November, a fair election requires safe voting.