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Absentee ballot

Dowless was indicted on Tuesday on new felony charges including perjury and obstruction of justice, prosecutors said.
The state elections board voted unanimously after seeing evidence that an operative working for Republican Mark Harris illegally collected absentee ballots.
Mark Harris' son said he told his dad McCrae Dowless was collecting absentee ballots in 2016. His dad hired Dowless anyway.
Andy Yates said he didn't ask for documentation about the work of the operative under scrutiny during a congressional campaign.
The board’s executive director said an operative for candidate Mark Harris tried to conceal illegal acts with absentee ballots.
In a nationally watched probe, state officials are examining allegations of election fraud apparently involving absentee ballots.
Jens Lutz says the board received multiple forged requests for absentee ballots, including one on behalf of a dead person.
Two of McCrae Dowless' employees told state investigators he paid them in 2016 to collect absentee ballots and coached them to lie about it.
Gov. Scott Walker (R) on Friday signed a law that capped early voting at two weeks.
New evidence appears to connect controversial political operative McCrae Dowless to Robeson County, which also reported unusual ballot data.
The congressional candidate has slammed alleged absentee ballot fraud and has called on Republican rival Mark Harris to "tell us exactly what he knew."
Republican officials may have had an indication of electoral fraud as early as 2016, The Washington Post reports.
NC GOP's Dallas Woodhouse said the GOP would “fully support" the idea if it's found absentee ballot irregularities likely changed the outcome of a House race.
One woman who gave evidence to the state said she was scared what would happen to her.
The Republican candidate leads his opponent by 905 votes.
State investigators are reportedly examining issues with absentee ballots.
Georgia law empowers local election officials to reject ballots if they believe the signature on them doesn't match the one they have on file.
The party's executive director, Ray Bozarth, said a miscommunication is to blame.
Gwinnett County faces two federal lawsuits over its handling of ballots from absentee voters.
Montana may become the next state to ban “ballot harvesting” in the name of election integrity.