Welcome to the NFL quarterback's "no climax" March.
Jimmy Kimmel gleefully mocks the "hypocrisy" of the Trump administration's wait-until-marriage agenda.
April, apparently, isn't the cruelest month.
Valerie Huber has comprehensive sex education advocates scared.
DeVon Franklin explains his theory.
Meagan Good says it was an incredibly eye-opening experience.
When I was 16, the same year I chanted "abstinence equals freedom," my friend told me about losing her virginity. "Gross," I said rolling over; unable to understand why anyone would have sex for fun.
... ... More questions:​ God: What do you do when God has given you a dream but the dream is yet to come to fruition? Movie
For women in El Salvador, the prescription for abstinence either before or during marriage is an impractical one, perhaps a naïve wish.
It is so easy to talk about abstinence. Lots of people could get behind it. Teachers really didn't need to know anything about reproductive health. They just had to know how to teach kids to say "no" to sex. One of the easiest ways to do this was through shame.
Only "a small minority of Americans who might benefit" from the best treatment are getting it.
What I learned researching a male abstinence support group.
Fulton County is "updating" its sex education curriculum. The existing curriculum, known as "Choosing the Best," is an abstinence-based program that sticks to very traditional roles and expectations, leaving all but the most conventional students open to scorn and shame.
Some will say that the Duggars are an extreme brand of Christianity, and Josh Duggar is an extreme brand of sex addict, and maybe all of that is true, but when looking at the facts, it seems pretty clear to me that the lessons we learned in youth group only made matters worse.