abstinence only education

We never discussed it directly, but it was clear that Michael was living with HIV. Even though I knew a couple of friends who were living with the virus, I really did not know anything about it except the basics that you learn in high school.
It is so easy to talk about abstinence. Lots of people could get behind it. Teachers really didn't need to know anything about reproductive health. They just had to know how to teach kids to say "no" to sex. One of the easiest ways to do this was through shame.
If the Republican party really care about children, it should stop trying to defund Planned Parenthood. The party should support anti-gun legislation so that children can go to school and movie theaters and be at home without being executed, instead of letting nine U.S. youths be gunned down per day.
Her parents have created a situation where she has to apologize for procreating, like humans do, all the time. Seriously, like daily.
California Judge Donald Black recently ruled that Clovis Unified School District's curriculum, which was abstinence-only-focused, was not really sex education, not meeting the state's own guidelines. Further, he found that it was providing medically inaccurate information. Unsurprisingly, the curriculum was also touting anti-gay "traditional family" propaganda.
A judge in Fresno County, California, has ruled against an abstinence-only sex education program, saying a school district violated state law by failing to provide adequate instruction on sexual health and HIV prevention.
The suit, filed by a group of Clovis parents in conjunction with the American Civil Liberties Union, alleged that the school
Some fear that teenagers' access to contraceptives and learning comprehensive sex ed will inspire more sexual activity. But as sex therapist Dr. Gloria Brame explains, "No comprehensive sex ed = no reliable information on how STDs are transmitted and no understanding of how to prevent them."
What parents seem to forget when they are divorcing or their relationship is ending, is that children are expensive.
Russell Harmon, a sex educator and pornographer, put together a Storify timeline of Dreger's experience in the class -- check
Ana, and her fans, are rewarded not by on-screen climax, but by the promise of marriage. All of this sounds an awful lot like ideas embedded in abstinence-only sex ed.
Please, for the love of God, know that sex is normal and natural. Please do not feel shame if you end up giving in to normal biological urges, but before you do please seek out comprehensive information on sex, contraception, and protection.
4. Certain vocal, powerful groups insist that it's between one woman and one man. 5. We have a schizophrenic relationship
In November, worksheets obtained from a sex education course in Texas showed that teachers were instructed to “encourage
Both emotional and physical purity were seen as the gold standard, and presented as totally attainable and absolutely necessary to be in good standing with God. I was completely sincere in my belief at that time and bought it all: hook, line and sinker.
In recent years, Utah lawmakers have taken steps to push back against the state’s sex education system. The abstinence information
“In fantasy land, we teach our kids abstinence –- and they listen," Holmes, a co-sponsor of the bill, told WUIS Radio. "But
When girls are raised to believe their value is tied to their marketability, the determination of their self-worth is always in the hands of others.
"Please publish or record your speech, and those of the others who have been denied their time also. A lot of us are interested